Our Objectives:

1. Maintain a visible local presence with multi-generational demonstrations to raise awareness, to solicit petition signatures and, consistently on Fridays, to support youth activity.

2. Collaborate with local groups focused on lowering the carbon footprint in the three major areas of transportation, food, and building performance. (For instance: we can help get their messages out, direct inquires, or call for volunteer help.)

3. Reach out to engage local organisations and churches; coordinate our activities with other Climate Action groups across Canada; join banner organisations; and maintain an updated list of local and regional activities citizens can take part in.

Latest Posts

Let’s Talk Green Belt

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PARRY SOUND MUSKOKA – Climate groups in Parry Sound Muskoka had an opportunity to sit down face to face with MPP Graydon Smith, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, on January 19 following an unsuccessful attempt to do so in December. The meeting was cordial and covered a wide range of issues …

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LOST LOVE by Frank Thompson

Earth where cross our links to life, where live our loves: our home where mind and spirit grow in vision and perception to grief. Lost love monstrously abused, your ancient beauty ravaged. You burn with fever while puppets rage in uncontested power. Fire follows them to bitter endings. Earth you rise to thread the star-strewn …

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Your Planet Needs You!

Come out and add your voice to demand real action on the climate emergency! On Sept. 8th, in the midst of a snap federal election and right before the federal leaders’ debates, people across Canada will march and rally in our communities from coast to coast to coast. Together we will ensure that the climate …

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