What You Can Do

Contact us with a view to collaboration for more effective climate action.
Join larger demonstrations, especially in the Provincial and Federal capital cities.
Collect signatures on our Federal and Provincial Government petitions that demand immediate climate action and leadership. Copies are available on this website, or through <Send Message> button on Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Climate-Action-Parry-Sound-103245027789437/
Volunteer your skills at the local level to projects working in the three major areas of food, transportation, and building performance.
Write letters and express your concerns to government leaders to demand immediate action and support provincial, national, and global climate initiatives.

The following is from “Climate Change Challenge” in State of the Bay 2018: published by Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR):
Be energy efficient at home and at work. Update old appliances and set your water heater on a timer; seal and insulate your building.
Choose green power. Switch your energy source to renewable energy, if possible. Speak with local experts about the options.
Use less hot water. Take shorter showers. Use the dish washer and washing machine only when you have full loads; wash clothes in cold water.
Transportation options. Avoid air travel. Walk, cycle, carpool or take public transit when you can. Purchase a smaller, fuel efficient or hybrid/electric vehicle.
Eat locally. Buy locally grown food, as it does not have to travel as far. Eat less meat (as crops for livestock take a lot of energy to grow and process. (Editor’s note: they also displace more natural habitat than vegetable crops that go directly to the table without passing through a cow’s stomach in ten times the quantity to produce the same nutrition in the form of meat.)
Reduce your waste. Buy less, simplify. Avoid single-use products and over-packaging. Reuse things before recycling. Repair items whenever you can. Compost kitchen scraps for garden soil. Garbage buried in landfills produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
Get involved and informed. Talk about climate change with others, share your personal actions to influence others, and voice your concerns to those in power.