About Us

The core of the group of concerned citizens now called ‘Climate Action Parry Sound’ first came together on Friday, March 15, 2019, when Frank Thompson, then 89 years old, decided to sit in front of the MP and MPP Constituency Offices on James St. in the town of Parry Sound ON. Frank’s object was to support the Fridays For Future campaign started by Greta Thunberg by showing that adults are listening, and we are pushing our political representatives to treat Climate Change like the emergency our government subsequently declared it to be (on June 19, 2019). Some of Frank’s friends joined him on that cold and windy day in March, and we continued to show up with placards every Friday, rain, snow, or high winds, until the Oct. 21 Canadian Federal election. At this point we began to reorient ourselves to a new government and a change in the office location.

Taking a Stand on the Science:

Georgian Bay is warming by 1° per decade, with dire consequences for this area. But people around the world are suffering from the effects of the current climate crisis, and those who suffer most are those who share the least responsibility. THE CLIMATE CRISIS IS BIGGER THAN PARRY SOUND AND BIGGER THAN THE HUMAN SPECIES ALONE.

If we allow the average global temperature to go beyond 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels (with consequent release of methane from melting permafrost and deep ocean hydrides, and greater absorption of solar radiation due to melting ice caps) this will be the final assault in the worst crime of all: the ongoing mass extinction of species, and the destruction of the living world. A SINGLE GENERATION WILL HAVE FAILED TO PASS ON AN IRREPLACEABLE SYSTEM OF SPECIES THAT EXISTED LONG BEFORE HUMAN CIVILIZATION!

Mission Statement

We are a grass roots organisation of concerned citizens like many others around the world who are committed to supporting, in every way we can, ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions locally and globally and to limit and mitigate the climate crisis (aka the catastrophic effects of human caused global warming). We aim to raise awareness and to motivate the citizens and summer visitors of the Parry Sound area to become involved in these ongoing initiatives, and to join us in demanding that our governments take immediate science-based action to address this crisis.

What We Are Up Against:
We are aware, through the media and through talking to people on the street, that the forces ranged against changing the present carbon economy are financially powerful, and in fact we believe that the disinformation campaigns we are facing now will someday be judged as criminal. But we will not relent in our duty to counter the propaganda of entities with a vested interest in maintaining a status quo that threatens the future of our children and their children for untold generations.