DINE WITH CAPS at MARY STREET CENTRE! Feb 1, from 6:00-7:30

Chili Dinner is free! Donations to Terry Christenson’s GoFundMe legal campaign are welcome.

A short video of Terry’s arrest will be shown (beginning with his climb over a 10′ barbed-wire fence onto Kinder Morgan tank farm); Terry’s brother Ken will perform one of Terry’s songs; then there will be a panel-discussion on the question: “Are the efforts and sacrifices of Climate Activists making a difference?”

Valerie Ng will begin the presentation at 6:30 by speaking about Terry’s ongoing experience in a BC jail; then one of our CAPS experts will provide a brief introduction to the topic of ‘change readiness’ and talk about how this might help us to understand the readiness of society at large to address Climate Change; and finally Ken will talk about the effects of Global Warming in the distant past and, with the help of a local ecologist, compare that with what we might expect in our own Northern Wilderness backyard over the next few generations.

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