Message from a Virus: NATURE IS RETURNING! We Help One Another is so Many Ways when we Reduce our Footprint

Wildlife is returning to the canals of Venus as tourism scales back in this pandemic. The skies are clearing in Beijing. It’s not that the pandemic isn’t taking a tragic toll on many individuals, and on the capacity of medical systems; it’s that we are getting a taste of what Climate Change disruption will be like, and we are learning that we CAN respond! We can RESET the economy in a matter of months and even weeks!

This is how Climate Action Parry Sound is adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic:

Climate Action takes a three-pronged approach: we maintain a visible presence every Friday 11:30 – 12:30 to remind people the crisis is not going away; all our volunteers have an online presence at all times to provide information and counter misinformation; and we organize larger events locally and contribute to larger actions in the capital cities at appropriate times. But because of the Covid-19 pandemic the larger gatherings are no longer viable, which means our online presence, including virtual strikes, is even more important. Also, our local Friday presence now involves a single volunteer sitting at an information table with disinfecting wipes to clean pens used to sign our petitions. The messaging might be as simple as a large sign inviting motorists to “HONK for NET ZERO THIS DECADE”.

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