We are promoting the idea of Friday POP-UP STRIKES. Bring a sign out to the end of your driveway from 11:30 – 12:30 this Friday so passers-by can see that Climate Change is an issue that’s not going away, that in fact the Covid-19 response is teaching us the true meaning of “Emergency” and WE CAN HEAL THE EARTH with the same sense of urgency as we are applying to this pandemic.

How This Works:
From Sue McKenzie at Climate Action Muskoka: “Len and I held a ‘pop-up’ strike at the end of our driveway¬†on a rural District road last week. 116 cars passed in the hour. We just wave at everyone, smile and hold our signs. If this happened in many places – in town or outside of towns, it still keeps the climate file out there in the community. We are hoping this will grow in Muskoka since we have had to shut down in the three towns. We also asked people to [take a picture of] themselves indoors with a climate sign and post to our FB. [Like you at Climate Action Parry Sound] we are also struggling with what else to do to move forward.”

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