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World Environment Day Fri. June 5

Earth Day in Quarantine

Pop-up Greta is such a trooper! She’ll be in our driveway, physical distancing, throughout this quarantined Earth Day. You and your home-schooled kids can also join the Friday’s For Future pop-up strikes every week at the end of your driveway. Remember, online strikes and celebrations are important, but we all know how they can get …

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We are promoting the idea of Friday POP-UP STRIKES. Bring a sign out to the end of your driveway from 11:30 – 12:30 this Friday so passers-by can see that Climate Change is an issue that’s not going away, that in fact the Covid-19 response is teaching us the true meaning of “Emergency” and WE …

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Message from a Virus: NATURE IS RETURNING! We Help One Another is so Many Ways when we Reduce our Footprint

Wildlife is returning to the canals of Venus as tourism scales back in this pandemic. The skies are clearing in Beijing. It’s not that the pandemic isn’t taking a tragic toll on many individuals, and on the capacity of medical systems; it’s that we are getting a taste of what Climate Change disruption will be …

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FRIDAY WEEK 50 — We’re still here! Join this morning 11:30 -12:30. Hear about Terry’s release and pick up by Suzuki Foundation elders. Get up to date on Wet’suwet’en action.

CAPS Friday Action-Week 49

This Friday we will meet at the MPP constituency office on James St. 11:30 – 12:30 pm as usual, but we will have a focus on Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en defenders. If enough people show up, we will march up to Scott Aitchison’s new MP office on Sequin St. which is the proper place to take …

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Do you think we should be using this logo instead of the present one, which is similar to the one used by Climate Action Canada?


A very big thank-you and miigwetch to everyone who showed up to bring in the new year and new DECADE OF RECLAIMING THE FUTURE yesterday, and especially to Matt McDonald for his powerful singing, and to Emily Bell for her excellent help in reading Eric Holthaus’: ‘In 2030 we Ended the Climate Emergency. Here’s How’!


We had a great meeting at the Boston tonight! (And we will try to meet once per month.) Here is the text of what I have posted on the Climate Action Parry Sound FB page:Climate Action Parry Sound is making a New Year’s Resolution to make 2020 the beginning of “The Decade of Reclaiming the …

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